Wessam Allam

Cyber Security Solutions Architect at Orange Business Services - Orange Group (Formerly France Telecom)

Cloud Security

Session title: Building an effective Next-generation Secure Cloud Infrastructure.

While Threats continue to evolve and become more evasive, blended, and persistent. An increasing & Rapid development and adoption of cloud computing systems, technologies, applications, and services are taking place. With attackers ending resourceful ways to avoid detection and breach security, Enterprises are trying to minimize the impact of such cyber-attacks while these Cyber attacks continue to worsen, growing in volume, & pace. And moving to Cloud infrastructure adds more impact to the Threat surfaces & open doors for new attack opportunities. Also, The level of sophistication and targeted approach of current attacks especially with the widespread adoption of cloud computing adds more complexity and challenges for cloud data security, authenticity, confidentiality, data integrity and requires a more proactive methodology for detection. In this session, we will discuss how to Build an effective Next-generation Cloud Infrastructure & ensure your cloud data are secure with secure access too for internals as well as externals with explanation of the main building blocks & steps that every organization would need to Build it successfully according to its business & strategy to mitigate against current & future attacks.