Amr Yehia

OT Cybersecurity Manager at SIRAR by STC, Saudi Arabia

Session Title: The myth of OT air-gap full protection !

The presentation will answer one question “Does OT Air-gap provide full protection”
The presentation will consist of the following sections:
1. Concepts & Terminologies (the basics to answer the question) including:
• Operational Technology
• Industrial Control Systems (ICS)
• Difference between IT & OT
• History of OT Cybersecurity attacks
• IT/OT Convergence
• Data Diode Vs. Connected IT/OT networks (Comparison)
• Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing
2. The limitation of Air-gap Protection
3. Examples of Cybersecurity Incidents against air-gap systems
4. Air-gap architecture is disappearing due to:
• IT/OT Convergence
• Industry 4.0
• Smart Grids
• Remote Access & Support
5. How to mitigate the limitations of OT air-gap
• Add compensating controls to protect OT systems
• Establish IT/OT convergence

OT Cybersecurity Manager at Saudi Arabia and Levant Cluster
Focus on ICS threat and protection techniques, I have a huge cybersecurity experience with multiple
operational technology industries such as oil & gas, petrochemical, water treatment, power plants, power
distribution, and metallurgy.
I worked in one of the largest OEMs (Schneider Electric) with high experience in the ICS underlying
I won two cybersecurity competitions, the first was a Regional cybersecurity competition held in Muscat
(2015) and the second was the Young Innovator award from Nahet El Mahrousa organization in Egypt