Ravi Verma

Chief Technical Advisor at KLEAP Technologies, India

Data Recovery

How DRaaS can protect from Ransomware?

Confidence comes from preparedness. Companies and admin are often found gasping for breath when they are hit by ransomware. Hence it is important to understand various aspects of a great DR plan, its readiness as well as some key configuration that is a must-do to safeguard yourself from legal, financial as well as reputational impact.

I am going to cover subtopics such as Risk Analysis, Business Impact Analysis, Building RPO/RTO strategy, Importance of the Drill, and key techniques to provide redundancy and confidence.

I am a Technical Support Leader, Lead Auditor - ISO 22301:2019 (IRCA), Youtuber - FOCUShive & a Speaker. I have spent over 16 years in data protection and with the recent surge in cybersecurity threats - It's important we learn and understand cyber security and protect ourselves as well as anyone we touch.

I strongly believe that our choices define us. It's really important to be self-motivated and have clarity in thoughts because without clarity you can only dream. However, if you have the clarity you can turn your vision into reality. I am a curious individual and seek understanding of the subject before diving into action, at the same time I like being amidst the action and delivering with urgency because time is of the essence and things can turn stale in no time.