Amani Ibrahim

Cybersecurity professional and academic at Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation, Australia.

Cyber Threat intelligence

Session Title | The challenges of leveraging cyber threat intelligence

Despite the significant increase in cybersecurity solutions investment, organizations are still plagued by security breaches. The financial consequences of security breaches are set on the rise, but the cost goes beyond potential fines.Threat Intelligence has been recently introduced to enable greater visibility of cyber threats, in order to better protect organisations' digital assets and prevent data breaches. Threat intelligence is the practice of integrating and analysing disjointed cyber data to extract evidence-based insights regarding an organization’s unique threat landscape. This helps explain who the adversary is, how and why they are comprising the organization’s digital assets, what consequences could happen following the attack, what assets actually could be compromised, and how to detect or respond to the threat. Every organisation is different and threat intelligence frameworks are custom-tailored to the business process itself and the organization’s risks, as there is no 'one-size-fits-all' in cyber. In this talk, I will discuss the challenges of implementing threat intelligence that scales in today's complex threat landscape and digital infrastructure.

A technically-advanced academic cybersecurity expert with business acumen matched by significant industry experience and passion that has helped organizations to stay safe and secure by working with people at all levels to simplify security and help them adopt these best practices. As a senior lecturer at the Center for cybersecurity Research & Innovation, she is always on the move, traveling to give talks within the industry; to various academic establishments, and government organizations; who are looking to stay safe while moving into newer and more open platforms in today's global IT-driven world. Dr. Ibrahim aims to build a stronger and more knowledgeable workforce that can undertake the ever-changing and challenging security footprint. Dr. Ibrahim has made similar advancements through designing, constantly developing, and updating the cybersecurity courses and degrees at the university. She is passionate about teaching the new generation the latest trends and threats of today's challenging cybersecurity world through practical labs that mimic real-world scenarios and employee real business world threats. Dr. Ibrahim understands that this career requires continuous education and multi-disciplinary knowledge to be ahead of the adversary; she, being a senior researcher has made this part of her daily routine. Amani has strong research experience in cybersecurity, with tens of scientific publications in highly ranked venues and many R&D projects with different industry partners. As a board member and head of IT Security for “Go Girl, Go for IT” organization, Amani loves to engage with and empower women to work and make a difference in the cybersecurity world, and more broadly in the IT industry.