Mohamed Aboshahba

Chief Technology Officer at Information security solutions (ITS)

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning In Cybersecurity

Session Tile | SOAR and Threat Hunting AI Techniques

  • How is SOAR helping businesses overcome their security challenges? In face of ever-evolving and disruptive threats, a shortage of qualified security personnel and the need to manage and monitor growing IT estates, SOAR is helping businesses of all sizes to improve their ability to swiftly detect and respond to attacks. Threat-Hunting Background Threat hunting means different things to different people, but it is generally defined as the search for potential threats that are not yet known. Searching through such large volumes of data is not practical without the use of specialized tools, and recent developments in heuristics, artificial intelligence and threat modeling all play a large role in the power of a threat hunter’s search.

Mohamed Abo Shehba is the Chief Technology Officer and a Managing Partner at ITS.

with more than 15 years’ experience in the IT Security field; Mohamed is a Leading Expert on Cybersecurity solutions, Managed Security Services, IT-control, and SOC operations, which has implemented numerous major national and regional projects.

Prior to his position at ITS, Mohamed held the position of Chief Information Officer at Ceramica Cleopatra Group, and he was Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Khwarizm for Managed Security Services, his extensive work in the commercial sector provided him with comprehensive expertise on all the aspects of the cybersecurity framework

Throughout his career, Mohamed obtained accreditations and certifications from various institutes like IBM from which he is certified in many topics as I2 Technical Mastery Test, IBM Security QRadar SIEM Version 7.1 Implementation, EMM products, IBM security systems software Fundamentals ..etc. In addition to acquiring his Certificate in Continuous Monitoring and Security Operations from SANS Technology Institute.
Mohamed is a frequent lecturer and speaker on topics including security breaches, AI analytics, Building SOC, and network forensics.