Yusuf Al-Malood

Senior Information Security Specialist at Information and eGovernment Authority, Bahrain.

Critical Infrastructure Security & Compliance

Session Title | Critical Security Controls - First Six.

Over the world, government and private sector organizations are being attacked and compromised daily and the challenge with Cybersecurity is that complexity that number of choices and options we of defenses. Without any attacks and threat oriented defenses, what we are doing today to defend systems is mostly not working. We need priorities and someone to take a stand and provide the industry with a set of real priorities for defense. The 20 Critical Security provided by the Center of Internet Security help organizations to effectively defend their systems and networks in a prioritized manner by providing a list  of 20 best practices that help organizations to improve cyber defense.

What achieves the effectiveness is that all of these actions are developed based on the latest most critical and dangerous attacks and compromises happened over the world.

  • Has more than 5  years of the overall experience, with more than 4 years in information security concentration.
  • Started his IT career in 2014 as an ICT field support at Bahrain International Airport
  • Trained more than 4500 employees of Bahrain government on information security
  • Currently playing a role of supervision of implementation the first national cybersecurity framework in the region “ Cyber Trust Programme”  - برنامج ثقة لأمن المعلومات -
  • His specialties and areas of interests are information security governance, DFIR, cybersecurity architecture, network security, application security.