Olesya Chrysanthou

Owner/Managing Director at CPV Corporate Services Ltd, Cyprus

Session Title: Nexus of AML, accounting & cybersecurity techniques in cyber fraud detection

According to Cybersecurity Ventures, the expense of hacking will reach $10.5 trillion by 2025. In light of this forecast, companies blending efforts of their departments will excel in securing customers, their sensitive data, and the company itself from different types of cyber fraud.

Combining anti-money laundering, accounting, and cybersecurity techniques to identify cyber fraud will be one of the most effective data protection strategies for companies in the near future.

AML techniques enable businesses to identify potentially fraudulent customers, protecting the companies from dangerous engagements.

Accounting fraud detection techniques, including data analytics, ratio analysis, and even simple transaction monitoring, create a solid barrier to possible criminal activities.

Cyber awareness of all departments strengthens the protection of internal companies' and customers' data.

Cybersecurity techniques applied to customers' activities and company personnel improves companies' ability to detect and prevent cyber fraud.

By using a combination of AML, accounting fraud detection, and cybersecurity techniques, companies can protect themselves and their customers from financial fraud and cybercrime. This helps maintain the trust of stakeholders and ensures the integrity of financial reporting.

Olesya Chrysanthou is a financial specialist and expert with over 15 years in Accounting & Finance, AML, Cybersecurity for non-IT professionals, and EU Qualified Trainer for adults.
Her expertise is validated by extensive work experience and qualifications from Saint Petersburg State Finance University, Manchester University, ACCA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Ireland Cybersecurity Academy.

Olesya Chrysanthou is a Founder, Managing Director, and AML Compliance officer of CPV Corporate Services Ltd, a company specializing in providing accounting services to companies with complex structure and dealing with complex derivative transactions, and CPV Corporate Training Center that aims to empower professionals with practical training courses that enhance the new digital and business environments.

Olesya is the President of the Women in Business Committee of the Cyprus - Saudi-Arabia Association, the Board Member of the Cyprus-Qatar Business Association, and the Member of the Education Committee in the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus.

Olesya Chrysanthou was presented as a speaker on the last year Arab Security Conference 2022 in Egypt on the subject of "Cyber Crime & AML Perspective for Accounting Professionals.