Nermen Ibrahim

Head of identity and access management engineering at Banqu du Caire, Egypt

Session Title: Identity and Access Management Risks

Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems play a critical role in securing organizational resources and data by controlling user access. However, the implementation and management of IAM systems introduce inherent risks that can compromise security and lead to unauthorized access. This abstract explores the risks associated with IAM and highlights key challenges that organizations face in maintaining an effective IAM framework.

Ms. Nermen is a 20-year information technology veteran with a focus on information security and Software security. She currently serves as the Head of Identity and Access Management Engineering at Banque Du Caire. Her technical expertise and analytical skills, honed through 9+ years in the information security field and 10+ years of professional experience, have earned her recognition as a privacy and risk management professional.

Ms. Nermen holds a Master's in Information Security from Nile University and is certified in CEH and CEI. She has also completed courses in CISSP, CRISC, ECSP.Net, CISM, PCI-DSS, MOBILE BANKING MASTERCLASS, SWIFT CSP, Digital Transformation, Fintech, CIMP, and Blockchain.

Ms. Nermen's skills were acknowledged in 2018 when she placed third in the CTF Women in Security competition. She also delivered a speech at the 2018 Arab Security Conference on the topic of "Common Vulnerabilities in Online Payment Systems."