Mohannad Alkalash

Founder of CyberX

Session Title: The Future of Cybersecurity Awareness

This session will focus on where cybersecurity awareness is today where the shift is happening and how to bridge the gap in this digital age, where the cyber threats and attacks continue to evolve. Uncovering the most progressive and dynamic cybersecurity awareness solution. Join me as we delve into the world of AwareX and discover how it can revolutionize your cybersecurity practices.

Mohannad Talal Alkalash, Founder of CyberX, an experienced cybersecurity professional with over 15 years of in-depth cybersecurity experience. Mohannad has actively participated in several large scale initiatives aimed at developing cybersecurity capabilities for many entities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the GCC and the Middle East in general. One of his notable achievements includes establishing the first global center for managed dyers security services in the region. Mohannad is a frequent speaker at cybersecurity and ICT-related conferences and serves as a member of the advisory board at the Information Security Conference in the Middle East and North Africa. He established CyberX, as a cybersecurity awareness platform, which aims to raise awareness amongst individuals and organizations about cybersecurity through the development of interactive multimedia products and a focus on trending topics in the filed.