Mohamed Noseir

Senior Cyber Security Manager in RSA

Session Title: The risk of a click: How APTs maneuver telecom environments and the Safeguarding tactics against them

A deep journey on how APTs are executed within telecom environments and how their threat actors scavenger for weaknesses in order to impact critical industries such as Fin-Tech and VAS. A conclusion on the latest trends for safeguarding tactics for CISOs and security professionals and how to embed them within the organizational security program.

Eng. Mohamed Noseir is a management and technology consulting strategist and an information security expert with several years of cross-functional problem solving experiences. He has experienced multiple organizational cultures within both public and private sectors as well as multinational firms while working in diverse industries including: telecommunications, banking, professional services and regulatory bodies; implementing and managing cyber security programs as well as managing red and blue teams for European organizations. Mohamed has reinforced his profound experience within cyber and information security with an MBA (Strategic management), CISSP, CISA, PMP, and Scrum certifications - he is passionate about driving positive changes to organizations while contributing to the digital transformation visions with a mindset for innovation and creativity. Mohamed Noseir is the member of the Digital Transformation comittee in the Coordination of Parties Youth and Politicians on behalf of his Homeland Defenders party position as the deputy secretary of youth for the republic.