Mohamed Fadel

Security R&D Manager at ZeroSploit, Egypt

Session Title: The Matrix Dilemma: Fighting Anti-Reverse Engineering

What is the Matrix? Control.

We will discuss Reverse Engineering at the assembly level, especially Bypassing Anti-Reverse Engineering Methods, such as Obfuscation, Anti Debugging, and Packing. We will discuss the process internals such as flags, System Calls,Interrupts, and code permutations, we will dive down to assembly obfuscation methods and puzzles. We will also learn the mindset to adapt in order to avoid " The Matrix Dilemma ".

Mohamed is Security R&D Manager at ZeroSploit specializing in Network and Application penetration tests along with source code review assessments also conducts complex telecommunication attacks such as SIP, SS7, and VoIP services such as IVR, and IoT / hardware security assessments and reverse engineering related to ATMs and PoSs. He also discovered many vulnerabilities in big companies and agencies such as the US Dept of Defense, CERT-EU, Google, Adobe, IBM, Sony, Trend Micro, Cisco, Arduino, ESET, Nike, Yahoo, HackerOne, and many classified organizations, etc., also he is the author of [ CVE-2019-19690 | CVE-2020-14601 | CVE-2020-14602 | CVE-2020-14603 | CVE-2020-14604 | CVE-2020-14605 ], also he is a security trainer with more than 5 years of experience in training and also a speaker at multiple conferences such as the OWASP Cairo Chapter, ASC, and also [ OSEP | OSWE | OSWA | OSCP | OSWP | eCPTx | eWPTx | eCRE | eCXD | CRTE | CRTP | eCPPT | eMAPT | LCAST | CCNA | eWPT ] certified.