Mohamed ElGazar

Cybersecurity Manager at InovaSys, Egypt

Session Title: The Rise of Smishing: Unveiling the Dark Side of Text-Based Attacks

The rise of smishing (SMS phishing) has unveiled a dark side of text-based attacks, posing significant threats to individuals and organizations alike. In this session, we will explore the methods employed by cyber criminals in smishing attacks and discuss the tactics to used by the attackers. From impersonation and urgency tactics to URL manipulation and malware distribution, we will uncover the intricate techniques used to deceive and exploit unsuspecting victims. By understanding the evolving landscape of smishing attacks, attendees will gain valuable insights into safeguarding their personal information, securing themself, and enhancing their overall cybersecurity resilience. Join us as we shed light on the hidden dangers of smishing and equip ourselves with the knowledge to stay one step ahead of these text-based threats.

Mohamed ElGazar is a communication engineering graduate with a strong focus on cybersecurity. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication Engineering and a 9-month diploma in Cybersecurity from the Information Technology Institute (ITI).

With over five years of experience in the field, Mohamed has worked in esteemed organizations such as Etisalat Misr, Cyshield, Cyber Castle, and Corelia in France. During his tenure, he has served as an Information Security Analyst, Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, Senior Red Team Member, and Red Team Leader. Currently, he holds the position of Cybersecurity Manager at Inovasys.

Mohamed has earned several industry certifications, including OSCP (Offensive Security Certified Professional), PTP (Penetration Testing Professional), and LPT (Licensed Penetration Tester). He has also undergone specialized training in telecom pentesting, attending a Telecom Pentest Course at Nullcon in Goa, India.

Driven by his values and mission, Mohamed is dedicated to enhancing and securing the telecom infrastructure, ensuring that citizens have access to a secure and privacy-respecting environment. His expertise and passion make him a valuable asset in achieving a better and safer digital landscape.