Mahmoud Elsaeed

Egyptian RootCA Manager at ITIDA

Session Title: Egyptian Digital Signature: Insights and Innovations

This session delves into Egypt's digital signature landscape, covering insights and innovations. Topics include distinctions between electronic and digital signatures, Public Key Infrastructure components, certificate lifecycle, Egyptian milestones, the evolving ecosystem, regulations, services, signing options, and emerging trends. Join us to explore Egypt's dynamic digital signature landscape.

Mahmoud Elsaeed is an accomplished Information Security professional with over 15 years of experience in the IT industry. His expertise lies in managing Root Certificate Authority (Root-CA) infrastructure, ensuring robust security measures and PKI compliance. Mahmoud excels in budgeting, policy development, and asset protection.

As a capable leader, he has successfully overseen information security and cybersecurity teams, fostering collaboration across various organizational levels to address security concerns effectively. Mahmoud's skill set spans management, security, and enterprise architecture, making him a well-rounded professional dedicated to data security in a dynamic digital landscape.