Islam Mostafa

Senior Digital Forensics Engineer at EG-CERT, Egypt

Session Title: From Cybercrime Combat to Red Teaming Techniques in the MENA Region

Digital forensics and red teaming are two complementary disciplines that can be used to investigate and combat cybercrime in the MENA region. Digital forensics is the process of collecting, preserving, and analyzing digital evidence. Red teaming is a security testing method that simulates an attack by an adversary. By combining these two disciplines, investigators can gather more information and build a stronger case against cybercriminals. In recent years, there have been a number of significant cybercrimes in the MENA region. In many of these incidents, digital forensics and red teaming could have been used to mitigate the impact of the incident. As the threat of cybercrime continues to grow, it is important for corporates and law enforcement agencies in the MENA region to invest in digital forensics and red teaming capabilities. By doing so, they can better protect themselves from these attacks and bring the perpetrators to justice.

ITI Intake 40 9 months program Cybersecurity track. (2019-2020) Ex-Infosec Engineer at WE-Data, where I have conducted various tasks including but not limited to: Penetration Testing, participated with IR team in different incidents, Reverse Engineering. (2020- 2022) Senior Digital Forensics Engineer at EG-CERT (2022- ). Arab Security Cyber War Games Digital Forensics Challenges author for 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023. Co-Author of Military Technical College CTF 2023 Digital Forensics Challenges. Instructor at ITI for cybersecurity track for intakes 41, 42, 43. Participated in creating a cybersecurity guide video with Eng. Muhammad Gamal, the video including defining each and every specialty in cybersecurity with guidelines on how to start in any specialty mentioned. Link: