Eslam Mezar

Senior Associate At Al Ghanem Legal Consultancy, Dubai

Session Title: Legal Framework of Artificial Intelligence

The world is witnessing great and unprecedented progress in the field of technology, specifically in artificial intelligence, as man has shifted over the ages from relying on human energy to the stage of using various machines until the last stage, which is relying on information technology and data, and technology has become intertwined with our daily lives in areas Various, such as medicine, industry, commerce, engineering, transportation, education, agriculture, home services, and specialized research such as space.
Artificial intelligence, the subject of this paper, is one of the most important outputs of the industrial revolution in the current era. Society has become dependent on algorithms in managing different fields and is waiting for this field to flourish in a very large way. This makes it necessary to discuss the compatibility of these applications with what can be called the ethics of artificial intelligence and the extent to which human rights are preserved within the framework of their use.

- Are there laws regulating the work of artificial intelligence applications?
- Are artificial intelligence strategies sufficient with rapid development in technology?
- What is the civil and criminal liability of an AI developer? Is there a responsibility for the application itself as the final product?
- To what extent is AI subject to intellectual property protection laws?
- Are there any concerns related to privacy and data protection regarding the development of AI applications?

In this session, we will try to look at the legal and ethical challenges facing Artificial Intelligence and the concerns it raises, and the compatibility of current laws with that rapid development.

*Legal Counsel
*Data Protection/Privacy Consultant
*Egyptian Lawyer Registered in the Egyptian Bar Association
*Advisor to cross-border companies in Tech laws.
*Holds two master's degrees, from the British University in Egypt (Cybercrime Investigations) and from Alexandria University (Public and criminal law).