Dr. Mohamed Hussien

Service Delivery specialist at McKinsey & Company, Egypt

Session Title: ChatGPT as a security process improvement tool

Many creators were frightened when ChatGPT appeared on the scene. This chatbot could create blog entries, song lyrics, poems, scripts for podcasts, and videos. What purpose did creativity serve today?

If you've experienced that, you might find comfort in this piece. The truth is that, when used properly, generative AI tools like ChatGPT can enhance your creative process by generating fresh concepts, saving you time on tedious chores, and offering helpful revisions to your work. The art of prompt engineering or creating the correct question to elicit a useful response, is the key to using ChatGPT successfully. It might take some time to perfect, but once you do, it can greatly enhance your creative process.

" Mohamed is a delivery specialist who is responsible for handling customers' inquiries and concerns regarding an organization's goods and services before proceeding with delivery plans. Mohamed demonstrates the products' features and other necessary information before the customers purchase the products. He is an enthusiastic Digital Transformation Enabler with 15 years of experience in different startups and government contractors involving products that impacted the Mena region and Europe in different sectors such as fintech, transportation, healthcare, education, oil, gas and government Digitization. Mohamed's Awards and Nominations include: Best SE-SME For Q2-back office (Cubic Transportation Systems) Digital Transformation Keynote Speaker at Arab EmTech & Startups Conference 2020 - Cert of Attendance - EN testathon-2019 best Security issue tracker nominated from Facebook security team Internet Society member-Egypt chapter DevOps Certification Review Panel Board Member-DASA APMG -SME- Level Up Panel Speaker board member. ICYF-African FUTURE LEADER Africa change Maker Mohamed's proudest achievement: He replaced the current independent programming test with a partnered problem that he could work on with the candidate. He also added interview questions that helped them assess each candidate's character and whether they might fit with the business's culture. Mohamed felt proud to substantially improve retention and identify more valuable members for the team.