Ahmed Sayed

Security R&D Engineer at EG-CERT, Egypt

Session Title: Next-Gen Malware Detection Systems for Android Applications

Android has become much more popular since its first release in 2007. It revolutionized the way how smartphones and mobile devices work. Therefore, the user reliance on such devices and technologies has been doubled since 2015. On the other hand, the number of attack surface is also increasing each time users show more interest in Android and make it their primary devices for storing their private data. However, researchers and security analysts are always trying their best to prevent those who wanna steal or disclose the user’s data from their devices. Till that moment, there’re almost 1 billion malware discovered and 560,000 detected every day. Also, around 10.5 million Android malware apps found in 2019. So, the question here is how to prevent those malicious apps from flying all around the world?

I've always loved to learn how to break things since I was 13 and my journey with tech starts from there. Currently, I'm a Security R&D Engineer @ EG-CERT responsible for researching, experimenting, and developing new techniques for malware detection also enjoys hacking stuff, AI and ML, Cryptography, CTFs, and much more.