Souhail Mssassi

Blockchain Security Researcher, Morocco

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Security : Introduction to Bridges Security

A blockchain bridge (also known as a cross-chain bridge) links two places, similar to a real bridge. It permits the transmission of data and digital assets across two blockchain networks, hence facilitating communication between them. Both chains may have different protocols, rules, and governance structures, but the bridge provides a secure way for them to interact. In this talk, we will understand how this bridges works and the security aspects of it.

With more than 8 years of experience in cybersecurity as a Senior Security Researcher specialized in application security, cryptography and security of decentralized applications he assisted several organizations in improving their cybersecurity strategy. And as an Instructor and a Speaker he presented Security lectures in universities and Conferences. Recently researching on Formal Verification in the cybersecurity Field. He is Also a Blockchain Developer in Solidity and Rust and also working as a Security Researcher in Blockchain .