Bahaa Othman

CTO at e-serve, Egypt

Critical Infrastructure Security & Compliance

IT/OT Convergence - Jumping the Air Firewall

Many Countries and Companies today include Digital Transformation as on of its Strategies for growth. With this the rise of Digital Transformation Projects and Initiatives, comes the challenge of how to connect the Critical Infrastructure Network to the entire world to deliver digital services. That previously air gapped networks have never seen the Internet in their lives and now it is mandatory for them to remove that shield. Is it secure to connect the air gapped networks, what are the challenges and opportunities for this Convergence, Is there success or failure stories we can learn from? all these questions will be answered in this session Insha2allah.

Bahaa Othman has more than 15 years of professional experience in many areas of Cyber Security, started passion about Cybersecurity from high school. He was a CISO for 3 different organizations and a CTO for another one. He works also as an advisor for some Critical Organizations and delivery customized Cyber Security Training Courses. He is a frequent speaker and panelist in many Conferences, and has a lot of initiatives in the Cyber Community. He was graduated from the first ever intake in Cyber Security from ITI, also he has BSc. in Computer Engineering