Bahaa Farouk

Head of Engineering at Banque Misr, Digital Factory, Egypt

Application & Network Security

FinTech modern applications architecture security & DevSecOps Practices

Designing and building not only a secure modern solution (architecture) based on microservices, rich UI web app and native mobile apps but also placing the best practices of DevSecOps which assures building processes are considering security principals and controls, such as Static Application Security Testing SAST, Dynamic Application Security Testing DAST, Software Composition Analysis SCA, containers security, Runtime Application Self Protection RASP ACL, next-generation firewall NGFW

  • Bahaa is graduated in Computer Science 2005, also he holds two masters’ degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration, of more than 17 years’ experience Information Technology, Telco, Banking & Financial Services, Cloud and Digital Transformation in Egypt, Gulf, and Europe worked for Huawei, HP, Oracle, Vodafone and Currently, in charge of engineering practices of Banque Misr digital transformation adopting best-in-class FinTech solutions utilizing modern architecture and smart security controls.