Ramy AlDamati

Co-Founder & CSO of AlBrza

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning In Cyber Security

Session Title | How Artificial Intelligence Changing Cybersecurity

An organization’s security system may be secure, since it interacts with third parties (customers, regulators, suppliers, etc.), it is vulnerable through these pathways. According to Accenture, 40% percent of security breaches are indirect, as threat actors target the weak links in the supply chain or business ecosystem. That is why organizations need an automated intelligent solution that can predict attacks and respond quickly.

The basic tenets of AI-enabled programs are that they can collect data, analyze it, make a decision with an understanding of outcomes, and learn from the results. That is why applying AI to cybersecurity brings new defensive promises and offensive challenges to cybersecurity.

Mr. Ramy Al-Damati is an expert in cybersecurity and emerging technologies, he holds a master's degree in information security from the University of Hertfordshire, USA, and several professional and international certificates in the fields of various emerging technologies, and has more than 19 years of experience in this field,

Mr. Ramy is the Chief Technology and Business Development Officer at GloryThink Group, which specializes in consulting and projects related to future technologies such as cybersecurity, blockchain, artificial intelligence, financial and educational technologies, and other technologies.

In addition, he is the co-founder and certified trainer of "AlBrza", the Emirati platform and the first of its kind in the world, which brings together future initiatives in line with the UAE vision and the directives of the rational government in the vision of the UAE Government Centennial Plan (2071), aiming to make it the only Arab platform that focuses On emerging technology, entrepreneurship, and enabling secure digital transformation commensurate with the requirements of future technologies and Arab societies in the region.

With his ambition to make the world of cryptocurrencies safe and secure, he founded his startup: “TrustyCrypto” which will contribute to making the world of cryptocurrencies safe and secure. By implementing multiple methodologies, conducting an audit on the transaction of the cryptocurrency and the companies issuing the token currencies, and issuing a certificate of approval to these companies to prove that they are free from fraud operations after passing specific checks, international standards are applied in customer verification, operations, and money laundering.