Muhammad Gamal Younis

CyberSecurity Senior Consultant at SecureNetworks, Egypt

Cyber Crime

Session Title | It's Time to Call Your RedTeam

With the continuous development in cyber attacks, the traditional penetration test has become inadequate, at least it cannot achieve all the desired goals due to the nature of the test, which takes place in intermittent periods and is entrusted with limited goals and vision, so it has become necessary to think from a different angle of view and strive behind Another way to keep pace with this development in cyber attacks and to find innovative solutions commensurate with the development and complexity of hackers' methods, which in turn can protect the largest amount of information.
From here, the idea of ​​adversary emulation exercises has become a necessity, especially since it comes with a completely different mentality from the traditional penetration test, which helps to avoid many faults that the information security team makes and also helps in solving many security holes that the traditional penetration tester cannot discover. …. And last but not least, it not only requires the discovery of technical vulnerabilities... but it also seeks to discover gaps in the protection method that the information security team follows, which provides us with the necessary information to develop a policy to prevent cyber attacks and deal with them in a manner consistent with the development of methods attack.

I'm Cyber Security Senior Consultant in SecureNetworks resident in KSA, have a +5 years experience in cyber security especially offensive security specialized in penetration testing, leading red teaming operations and cyber threat intelligence.
i've worked as a Dark web threat intelligence researcher for many companies and wrote about +10 reports about dark web investigations for state sponsored attacks and data leakage. and now i'm working as an offensive security team leader in SecureNetworks conducting many types of security assessments like network , web , mobile , iot , ICS , wireless and physical penetration testing.