Founder Of ShellBoxes | Penetration Tester | Blockchain Developer at SHELLBOXES, Morocco

Blockchain Technology

Session Title | Formal Verification of Smart Contracts

A smart contract is written in a programming language (commonly Solidity) and then translated into bytecodes. Once a smart contract is reduced to bytecodes, it can be deployed on the blockchain as a contract account at some address. Once deployed no one can change it or apply a patch to it.We should have great confidence that the contract will behave correctly no matter what.
Formal verification is essentially concerned with identifying the correctness of hardware and software design operation. Because verification uses formal mathematical proofs, a suitable mathematical model of the design must be created.

He is the Founder of CRISIS and ShellBoxes, he has a 5+ years experience in cybersecurity in offensive Security specialized in application security, cryptography and security of decentralized applications.
He conducted several audit missions, particularly in the banking sector, especially in their infrastructures.
He is Also a Speaker and we presented Security lectures in schools as well as universities in Morocco.
In parallel, he also does research in the field of security lately in Formal Verification