Mounir Kamal


Cyber Threat intelligence

Session Title | Five Indicators for Situational Awareness

Holistically measuring information situational awareness could help an organization to understand and figure out their major weakness that an adversary could use. We will discuss the five significant measures that could give accurate security situational awareness for the organization, sector, or national level during the presentation.

The presentation will show the linking of Business from high level until reaching the deep technical daily security controls and operations. We will extract the best indicators to give the closest security situation for a system under consideration.

Mounir Kamal is senior Information Security, Risk Management Professional with a solid technical background and a highly analytical mind. Mounir has been involved within the information security field for the last 20+ years.
As Mounir is experienced and knowledgeable in different purviews in the information security sector, his preferable work is a linchpin between business and the technical level using deep technical knowledge. As well as strategic and tactical insights to see multiple steps ahead, oversee consequences, and ultimately provide the best solution combining key elements from the information security, Enterprise Security Architecture, and IT risk management fields.

Emanating from Mounir’s deep belief that “Knowledge is Power” and sharing information increases this power, Mounir has written valuable articles such as the Hacking9 attack investigation model and Layered ICS threat modeling in SANS. In addition, Mounir has been one of the key speakers in the most influential seminars and conferences in the field of information security, such as the Arab Security Conference in Egypt, FIRST TC in Egypt, Oil Gas Cyber Security Conference in the UK, ICS-ISAC Conference, Georgia Institute in the USA, Annual Honeynet Workshop in UAE and Malaysia., First Annual Conference in Malta, ITU Security Conference, Qatar.

Mounir holds Master of Science in Information Security |CISSP | GIAC Cyber Threat Intelligence - GCTI | Forensics Analyst – GCFA | GOLD GIAC GICSP | IEC62443 |SABSA | Certified Security Incident Handler CSIH - Carnegie Mellon University | Reverse Engineering Analyst (CREA)| Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)