Mohamed AbdelFattah

Senior Security Architect at Fortinet, Egypt

Critical Infrastructure Security & Compliance

Session Title | Cyberattacks on the rise: What to do before and after a cyberattack or data breach

Securing critical infrastructure is vital to ensuring the Arab people have access to services like drinking water, electricity, and food. It is also crucial to protecting high-value industries from cyberattacks, such as the chemical, communications, emergency services, healthcare, information technology, and transportation sectors.
If hackers could breach the critical infrastructure of the sectors listed above, the result could have devastating consequences for organizations. It could also pose a serious threat to global economies and communities. Therefore, successfully protecting critical infrastructures requires government agencies to establish strong partnerships with commercial parties and use appropriate solutions to implement and manage the initiatives.
Protecting critical infrastructure is also reliant on recognizing the risks that could threaten their integrity. This includes attack vectors and network security, as well as issues like equipment failing, the risk of human error, and natural disasters such as weather activity. These risks must be factored into any decision around solutions that enable organizations to detect and identify security attacks and network behavior anomalies.

Since the graduation year 2000 with a Bachelor degree in Information Systems, Dr. Mohamed AbdelFattah has been in the IT Industry for more than 20+ years worked exclusively with many Technology providers in Egypt and abroad whose missions are to improve the technology quality of service through improved facilities, services, equipment and education.
To accomplish this, Dr. Mohamed was part of the steering and implementation group of many technology providers, facilities and solutions, His responsibilities heavily utilize Information communication technology for development in healthcare systems HIS, Information Systems / Technology, Networking, Information Security & cybersecurity, Strategic management and Business Analysis, He has acquired as a IT Architecture and - or security-focused consultant for the projects he worked on. In addition, Dr. Mohamed has been doing a freelancer Network, Solution Architecture, Security assessment, Penetration Testing, IT Consulting, Network Security and training work for Several IT Firms in Egypt and Arab countries including Internet Service Providers (ISP), as well as Technical writer at AL Ahram magazine for computer (Loghat Alasr).

In addition Dr. Mohamed is a public speaker on many well-known international conferences such as:
- Arab Security Conference, ASC.
- International Telecommunications Union, ITU.

Dr. Mohamed is currently working as Senior Security Architect at Fortinet.

In his belief of lifelong learning and continuous professional development Mohamed holds:
- Doctorate of Business Administration
- Master of Business Administration MBA MIS Management Information Systems
- Fortinet Certified Security Expert NSE 4-7.
- EC| Council Certified Instructor C|EI
- EC| Council Certified Chief Information Security Officer C|CISO
- EC| Council Certified Security Analyst E|CSA
- EC| Council Certified Encryption Specialist E|CES
- EC| Council Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator C|HFI
- EC| Council Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst C|TIA
- EC| Council Certified SOC Analyst C|SA
- EC| Council Certified Ethical Hacker E|CEH
- EC| Council Certified Network Defender E|CND
- EC| Certified Secure Computer User E|CSCU
- CompTIA Security+