Magdy Elfaramawy

Senior Cyber Security Consultant at EY, Australia

Cloud Security

Session Title | Security Best Practices on AWS

Delve deep into various security aspects of AWS to build and maintain a secured environment. Learn to secure your network, infrastructure, data, and applications in AWS cloud. Use AWS managed security services to automate security Dive deep into various aspects such as the security model, compliance, access management and much more to build and maintain a secured environment. Show security best practices for IAM, VPC, shared security responsibility model, and so on In detail With organizations moving their workloads, applications, and infrastructure to the cloud at an unprecedented pace, security of all these resources has been a paradigm shift for all those who are responsible for security; experts, novices, and apprentices alike

Technology Leader, Public Speaker, IT Management Professional with 15 years of progressive experience in IT Management and the successful implementation of complex multi-million-dollar projects in Egypt, Gulf, and Australia.
delivered online technical courses via Cybrary & Techsnip.
MBA from France Business school Also certified as OSCP,eCPPT, ITIL expert