Ibrahim Youssef

Technical Head - North Africa and Levant at Trend Micro, Egypt

Security Management

Session Title | Supply Chain Attacks: What could Possibly Go Wrong?

In the age of global economy, the supply chain also becomes global and distributed. And so are the threats to the supply chain. Attackers can infiltrate the supply chain at any stage of production, digital firmware updates or even software updates through the life cycle of the device. In context of cloud - the supply chain attacks have completely new face. Many cloud technologies and frameworks utilize building blocks. And any of those building blocks could be attacked. In this presentation we cover threats to supply chain: physical, digital, and virtual and illustrate those threats with real-life examples. Incident #1: Attack on the Kaseya platform. Incident #2: Credential dumping attack on the Active Directory.

Ibrahim Youssef has been working in the IT and Information Security field for 14 years. He has a proven record in developing relationships with business partners and strategical industry leads. Ibrahim joined Trend Micro in the early part of 2015 and he is now holding the role of Technical Leader where he leads the engineering team towards establishing professional, consultative and supportive relationships with Trend Micro customers and partners. Through his experience in the field, Ibrahim is recognized for his vision and leadership in developing future growth in the IT industry. Ibrahim holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Security and several Security Certificates.