Bishoy Wasfy

Head of Security Governance, Risk and Compliance at CyShield, Egypt

Cybersecurity Holistic Approach

Session Title | Some Stones are Missing- Cybersecurity Holistic Approach

cybercrime analysis from GRC perspective, discussion about the main domain which may impact the organization(s) security environment

He has more than 15 years of experience managing teams of IT security professionals and developing robust security and risk management programs from the ground up. He has successfully communicated with all levels of business and technical teams to gain consensus for security initiatives. He has experience in strategic operations, planning, project management, and developing security architecture and policy based on business needs, risk assessments, and regulatory requirements. He developed an award-winning risk management process to identify an effective mix of management, operational and technical security controls. Also, He has experience in conducting and analyzing information security risk assessments, collaboratively determining objectives and priorates, and recommending risk mitigation strategies, corrective action, and business process improvement.