Ashu Sharma

Senior Malware Analyst at Watchguard, India

Malware Aanalysis

Session Title | Malware Evolution and thier Detection techniques

Often computer/mobile users call everything that disturbs/corrupts their system a virus without being aware of what it means or accomplishes. This tutorial systematically gives an introduction to the dierent varieties of samples that come under the broad umbrella known as malware, their distinctive properties, dierent methods of analysing the malware and their detection techniques.
Topics to be covered:
1. Introduction of malware
2. A short history of Malware (virus to malware)
3. Traditional Malware Detection Systems
4. Signature generations
5. 1st Generation Malware
6. Static Malware Analysis
7. Challenges in Static Analysis
8. 2nd Generation Malware
9. Dynamic Malware Analysis
10. Challenges in Malware Analysis

I am Dr. Ashu Sharma. My interest of area is to study new Malware and providing protection
for them. I am currently working in WatchGuard Technologies, Noida, India. I have more than 3 years of Industry experience in Malware Analysis and more than 2 years' teaching experience in, Academics. I am speaker for many reputed conferences and workshops. I earned M.Tech degree in Information Security from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Gwalior, Imdia. I did my Ph.D. in Static malware analysis from BITS Pilani and worked with Prof. S. K. Sahay (Prof. at BITS Pilani). I worked in \Malware identication via dynamic analysis" with Prof. Sandeep Shukla (Prof. at IIT Kanpur) during my post-doctoral research at IIT Kanpur. I have many publications in Malware detection in reputed Conferences and Journals