Amin Hasbini

Head of Research Center Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, Global Research and Analysis Team at Kaspersky, UAE

Security Management

Session Title | Threat Hunting 101: Strategy and Yara Rules

A common element in any cybersecurity incident or intrusion gives an intruder access to private information and allows him/her to execute unauthorized/adverse activities such as stealing data, deploying ransomware and more. Join us to understand the magnificent journey of threat hunting, protecting organizations and possibly even finding a new APT.

Dr. Amin Hasbini joined Kaspersky in 2013 as a Senior Researcher for the Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT). He now heads that same research center for the META region and is responsible for Kaspersky’s expert positioning, research expansion, and knowledge maturity in four regional offices. He has worked on numerous large-scale defensive infrastructure, industrial and consulting projects for government entities, banks, service providers, Oil & Gas companies, and others. He has also taught security courses in forensics, malware analysis, and ethical hacking. Dr. Amin Hasbini holds a Ph.D. in Smart Cities Information Security from Brunel University (London). He is specialized in wide-scale cyber-defense and anti-APT tools and techniques have a number of publications on advanced malware operations and smart cities security, presented at more than 100 conferences worldwide, and has received numerous accolades.