Ahmed Adel Bakr Alderai

Cyber Security assurance Tech Lead, Egypt

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Session Title | Be part of the future machine learning and cyber security

From Google Trends, machine learning and AI has shown a steady (almost threefold) increase in interest since 2015. In Coursera and Udacity and other platform machine learning courses are both in the top 10 topics. Many people want to learn more about it. AI is “an area of computer science that deals with giving machines the ability to look like they have natural brilliance.” which mean more power in addition to it’s current Power.Systems which are based on AI, sometimes called as cognitive systems, are helping us automate a lot jobs and gear up difficulties which are more complex than most humans are capable of solving. New generations malware and cyber-attacks can be difficult to detect with traditional cybersecurity procedures. What about our current jobs? How we will be impacted? How to avoid this? join me to learn and know...

Ahmed Adel has 10 years of experience in Information Security in both of Financial and communication sectors with a focus on Penetration testing, Ahmed Also has multiple Publications in Machine learning and Health care-related problems.