Yusuf Mohammed

SoC Analyst at M&Z Technology, Egypt

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning In Cyber Security

Session Title | State-of-the-art Malicious AI-based Attacks

"With the growing amounts of traffic & data, with services that now tries to automate every action taken by humans, whether payments, official documents or business communications; auditing, monitoring, and keeping systems secure becomes more and more challenging, as a serenity Security teams pledges to automation, heuristics and other ""AI-based"" techniques to allow them to do their work more efficiently (ex. NextGen SoC..etc);

In this talk, the other side of AI is shown, and how its used in real-world malicious scenarios and attacks, & how easy it is to carry out these attacks with no special hardware"

"Writing code since 2009, Started Reverse Engineering at 2011, Independently Researching Classical AI & Programming since 2016 & Machine Learning and Deep Learning since 2017,

Currently, I Work at M&Z Technology Security Operations Centre, Analyzing User Data & Hunting Threats, Reversing Malwares & Implementing latest best practices at Security Data Analysis Field"