Souhail Mssassi

Cyber Security Analysis and CRISIS CEO

Blockchain Technology

Session Title | Advanced Attacks in dAPP and Solidity

"In this workshop, we will explore the fundamentals of decentralized applications, of the Solidity language as well as the advanced attacks that can affect your Smart contract and how to protect yourself.
We will also discuss the tools and techniques for auditing Smarts Contracts and best methods and practices in the secure development of the dAPP."

"He is the CEO of CRISIS, he has a 5+ years experience in cybersecurity in offensive Security specialized in application security, cryptography and security of decentralized applications.
He conducted several audit missions, particularly in the banking sector, especially in their infrastructures.
He is Also a Speaker and we presented Security lectures in schools as well as universities in Morocco.
In parallel, he also does research in the field of security lately in Formal Verification."