Shahzad Ahmed

ITMO University Graduate, Russian Federation

IOT & Big Data Security

Session Title | Authentication Protocols for the IoV Network

"The world is going towards digital technology because it’s an easy, management, accountable, and reliable system. We need to change our transport system into digital transformation. The Internet of Vehicles is a digital transport system. After properly implementation, it will be easy and comfortable for people to travel from one point to another point. Also, it will be useful for the governmental authority to manage it and make it more accountable.
In this research paper, the author will discuss the Internet of Vehicles system, the mutual authenticating protocols, the communication problem, and the ID-based cryptographic protocols. The main goal of work is to compare the mutual authentication protocols and find fast and secure communication protocols for the IoV network. The author will discuss the process of the important protocols that how they can prove. Furthermore, the author will also compare all the important algorithms with the properties like key size, execution time, message size, etc. in this research, and will analyze their results and then suggests fast and secure communication protocols for the IoV network."

I am a motivated, visionary student, one who is able to study well with a team and by himself, and keep a consistently high energy level. I am personable and discerning, and I know to balance and prioritize tasks. I am very ambitious and determined, and I can follow through well on instruction. I am also very flexible and teachable.