Sarka Pekarova

Security and Social Engineering Consultant at DreamlabTechnologies

Social Engineering & Insider Threats

Session Title | Humans, the strongest link in our networks

"Why do we always say that humans are the weakest link and why we should start saying the opposite? During these difficult times, it is more than ever , evident how humans are important to protect our networks.
Understanding human side of cyber security, gives an invaluable insight into understanding not only threat actors but our own colleagues and employees and how to build better strategies with human assets in mind to combat anything from insider threats to external malicious actors."

Sarka is a Security and Social Engineering Consultant at Dreamlab Technologies in Switzerland. She worked for many organizations in Europe and cients all over the world and is a seasoned IT security consultant. She has rich experience as international speaker, she is involved in international community projects , while doing other research and giving trainings , locally and internationally.