Mohamed Sherif

Penetration Tester, Bug Hunter

Cyber Threat intelligence

Session Title | Dark Web - Hackers & Criminals Treasure

In this session, I will give brief but essential details about the dark web. This session should be a great introductory point for anyone interested in dark web intelligence.
Workshop outline:
. Differences between the Surface, Deep and Dark Web
. What is offered on the Dark Web and why is accessing it necessary for security researchers?
. Is the dark web all malicious?
. Different Dark web networks (Freenet, I2P and TOR)
. Secure way to access the TOR network
. TAILS and Whonix
. Finding new Dark Web services
. Dark Web Shops
. Bitcoin vs Monera usage on Dark shops
. Telegram private channels as a new Dark Network
. Is TOR security broken and how are hackers caught?
. Covering misconfigured onion websites (dark web services)

I am an 18 years old freelancer penetration tester, bug hunter and security enthusiast. Cybersecurity with its various fields has been my main interest and hobby for the past 6 years.
I am currently a Bug Hunter at HackerOne, Zerocopter and Bugcrowd and certified as eWPTX,eWPT and eJPT.