Mohamed Gamal Younis

Cyber Security Senior Consultant at SecureNetworks

Cyber Crime

Session Title | National Cyber Security : The Evolution of Cyberwarfare

"Nowadays, we find a huge and huge development in the world of cybercrime, which puts the national security of any country in front of a major threat, which is called APTs [ Advanced Persistent Threats], the next generation tactics, techniques and procedures of the state-sponsored hacking groups become the most terrifying nightmare for every country because there are not enough preparations to repel and deter these sophisticated attacks which in turn can cause much greater impact and damage than the war of tanks, artillery and heavy weapons that can destroy a country's entire economy or leak all its secret documents to its enemies and a lot of damage.
In this presentation I will review the details of these APTs, their technical skills, tactics, and a detailed explanation of some of the recent cyber operations which caused a serious damage and we will talk in details how to prepare ourselves for these attacks and operations and how to become a proactive player in this cyber warfare ."

I'm a Cyber Security Senior consultant at Secure Networks based in Germany and Saudi Arabia, i'm the team leader of our RedTeam who manage the penetration testing projects ,redteaming activities and threat emulation exercises, i've more than 5 years experience in cyber security for both of RedTeam and Blueteam.