Mahmoud Abouelhassan

Head of Digital Transformation Consultancy and Training at TEQNYAT

Cyber Resilience

Session Title | Enterprise information security architecture role in fighting the “Infodemic”

"In her recent Facebook post, Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming said: “We are not only fighting a ‘pandemic’, in the words of Dr. Tedros, who leads the World Health Organization (WHO), we are fighting an ‘infodemic’… My global communications team at the United Nations will be stepping up our communications efforts to make sure people have the best, most credible information and also inspiration from examples of global cooperation and viral acts of humanity.”
In times of crises, cybersecurity is critically important, a huge number of people under lockdown or movement restrictions are now working and studying remotely, making them susceptible to cybercrime.
Criminals could take hospitals offline and disrupt the work of the United Nations, he explained. He has seen an increase in incidents everywhere, cautioning against phishing emails with attachments and links.
Enterprise information security architecture (EISA) is a part of enterprise architecture focusing on information security throughout the enterprise.
It is concerned about applying a comprehensive and rigorous method to describe the current and/or future structure and behavior for an organization's security processes, information security systems, personnel, and organizational sub-units so that they align with the organization's core goals and strategic direction.
Although often associated strictly with information security technology, it relates more broadly to the security practice of business optimization in that it addresses business security architecture, performance management, and security process architecture as well.
It is now common practice within the financial institutions around the globe to ensure that business strategy and IT security are aligned and it allows traceability from the business strategy down to the underlying technology.

"- Mahmoud is an expert in IT field with 20+ years of Experience focusing mainly on Digital Transformation, Data Center, Information Security, IT Projects and Operations Management.
- His experience diversified in several Business areas like Digital Transformation, Enterprise Architecture, Data Center services, Cloud and Virtual Hosting, ISO 27001,20000, 9001, 22301, E- Commerce, IT Strategy and Business Transformation, Budgeting and Enterprise Planning.
- Delivered many courses for many candidates from several countries (Ex. Iraq, Oman, Jordan, Palestine and Egypt).
- Speaker at many conferences (Ex. ISACA, ITU, Arab Security Conference, ..etc.)
- He held several positions like Applications and E-commerce Manager, Data
Center Operations Senior Manager, Head of PMO in Raya “one of the largest technology companies in Egypt”, recently he is Senior Manager (IT) in E-Finance.
Mahmoud one of the main players in the successful transformation like one of the most famous e-commerce websites in Egypt rayashop.com, actively involved in launching Raya Nigeria and Raya Algeria. In addition to Data Center business from the startup to be one of the Key Data Center Providers and one of the key players in the Egyptian Data Center Market, differentiated by its ISO certificates and skilled people, Participated in creating 5 years strategic plan with extensive engagement with the Business.
Mahmoud holds B.Sc. from Cairo University, M.Sc. from Middlesex UK in Computer Science, Doctoral of Business Administration Candidate at ""The International Business School of Scandinavia- IBSS"", Data Center Expert from Capitoline, and Advancement Management Program from RITTI. "