Ibrahim Youssef

Technical Head - North Africa and Levant at Trend Micro

Critical Infrastructure Security & Compliance

Session Title | Designing Security for Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environments

As public cloud adoption increases, many organizations are shifting towards a hybrid multi-cloud environment. Addressing security for such an environment is challenging and requires a holistic approach. Securing private clouds, validating the security of public cloud services, and ensuring compliance with data sovereignty models are just some of the key elements that must be considered when pursuing a multi-cloud strategy.

Ibrahim Youssef has been working in the IT and Information Security field for 13 years. He has a proven record in developing relationships with business partners and strategical industry leads. Ibrahim joined Trend Micro in the early part of 2015 and he is now holding the role of Technical Leader where he leads the engineering team towards establishing professional, consultative and supportive relationships with Trend Micro customers and partners. Through his experience in the field, Ibrahim is recognized for his vision and leadership in developing future growth in the IT industry. Ibrahim holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Security and several Security Certificates.