Ahmed Fawzy

Managing Director at iExperts

Cyber Threat intelligence

Session Title | Patch Human Brain

In this session, we will discuss the strategies of one of the most important factors to have a secure environment "The Security Awareness" and why it is an essential stone that must be included in the Security Program in any organization. also, we will discuss some lessons learned from some security incidents that happened because of ignoring patching the human brain!

  • Ahmed is Cyber Security Expert, he has more than 17 years of experience in Security consultation, Security Training, Information Security Management, Penetration Testing, Forensic investigation, Develop security policies, Security Assessment, Security auditing, Vulnerability Assessment, Code Reviewing, Development and Writing Exploits.
  • Ahmed won "Forensic Investigator of the year 2016" Award from Ec-Council, in addition to that he has been awarded as one of TOP 100 Information Security Managers in Middle East 2016 and 2017
    Ahmed Delivered Many Training and Consultation Services in the United Kingdom, USA, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Scotland, Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Netherland, Switzerland, Greece, Denmark, Sweden, KSA, UAE and Spain with excellent feedback.
  • Ahmed has a Master's Degree in Information Security in addition to many international certificates like: (CISM-CISSP-CISA-CEH-CHFI-ECSA-ECIH-ECSP-CEI-SPISI-ITIL-MCP-MCPD-MCSD-MCTS-MCT).