Muhammad Gamal

Security Threats Consultant at Secure Networks.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning In Cyber Security.

Session Title | Human Vs A.I - Offensive Security Modern Combat.

This session is about the modern combat between human and artificial intelligence in one of the most critical cybersecurity fields which are penetration testing and security assessment, according to the tremendous development in A.I last years and as per our dependence on it, can the A.I replace the human pentesters?! can the A.I take more roles in offensive security fields ?! all of these questions will lead us to our modern era biggest question: who is the best...A.I or the Human? who will be the winner in this combat A.I or the Human?
so, this is the biggest consideration in 2019 and also for the upcoming years.

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  •  Cyber Security Consultant in SecureNetworks resident in KSA, have a 5+ years experience in cyber security especially offensive security specialized in penetration testing, red teaming activities and threat intelligence.