Mohamed Zayan

Head of Research & Development, and Training at Nilesat.


Satellite Cyber Security

Session Title | The essential of satellite cybersecurity in the Era of 5G.
No doubt that the Satellite, today, is considered as critical infrastructure for any country, and it's targeted by hacking attacks. Satellite plays a significant role in many fields such as communication, early warning systems, global broadcasting, meteorology, navigation, reconnaissance, remote sensing, and surveillance. The era of 5G will changes the way people communicate, and the satellite is playing a vital role in the era of 5G. In 2020, 5G will be deployed all over the world, satellite shall have an IP address, and work as a server in an internet Network. The presentation will focus on how to protect and immune the satellite control and keep the payload content form hacking.

  • Dr. Mohamed Zayan, Ph.D., MSc, BSc, is a Consulting Engineer in Aerospace Industry and Digital Communication, Satellite Communication, Control, Electrical, and Instrumentation Engineer with over 20 years of industrial experience includes instrumentation, control, digital & data communications, VOIP, SDH, SONET, DWDM, ADM, APS, DCC, HFC, SPE, EDFA, MPLS, BER, networking, satellite communication, information technology, frequency assignment, system identification and adaptive control. He is an Authority in PLC, DCS, SCADA, and Fieldbus engineering and technology and he has further worked with the latest NEC 2011 codes.
  • More than 20 years of professional experience in communication engineering and Information Technology including comprehensive 15 years’ international experience in aerospace industry design, operation, research, and development.
  • Academic excellence and superior interpersonal attributes. Confident, analytically adept, self-directed, thrives on challenge strong academic background, mathematical and analytical skills allied to excellent communication and interpersonal attributes have been employed on several successful valuations and benefit illustration projects. An ability to work independently with minimum supervision and have management and team leader roles.
  • Dr. Mohamed has already proven his proficiency since the time he started his career as a Design Engineer with USAID wherein he is in charge of designing and installing modern process computer control systems and Distributed Control Systems (DCS). He, later on, worked as a Senior Communications Engineer where he administered the maintenance & operation of VHF & UHF transmitters. Afterward, he moved to be in-charge of System Engineering and operation manager of a Spacecraft and Satellite Control Center (SCC). His duties also include system design, installation, testing & commissioning as well as developing and implementing the latest transmission, modulation, instrumentation, control, compression, coding, encryption & broadband techniques, and applications.
  • Dr. Zayan Has a wide technical capabilities including Modeling of the satellite units, Numerical simulation, Languages for coding and testing: C/C++, Languages for managing simulator and model data VMS, Unix and Linux shells, Handling a software configuration tool, Developing on Windows XP, Unix and Linux, Professional in Matlab / Simulink environment with its encoding tools (RTW or equivalent, Knowledge in AOCS, Command Control and/or Power Conditioning for the space activities, Knowledge in the operation of satellite equipment, space environment and onboard computer, Knowledge in real time software and real-time system, Knowledge in administrations of Unix and Windows XP, SQL, Oracle administration, developer, and Programmer.
  • Evaluation of The end to end Communicators System Performance and capabilities of the Satellite capacity and associated systems and networks, provide support to establishing customer end to end communications Solutions and Networks. Perform detailed link Budgets, Capacity calculations. Generate satellite communications and ground terminal specifications.
  • Among his many achievements, Dr. Mohamed was nominated as a member of the Reviewing Committee of the International Conference on Computing Communications and Control Technologies (CCCT) of the University of Texas at Austin and the International Institute of Informatics and Systemic (IIIS) in the USA. Motivated by his significant involvement and contribution in the industry, he has authored papers, book, and publications in the field of Aerospace and Satellite Control, communication technology, instrumentation & control engineering and neural networks that were presented in various international conferences. He has also lectured on various subjects such as flow metering, instrumentation, control, microwave engineering, IT, system realization, neural networks, control systems and digital communication, Satellite Communication, Flight Dynamic, Satellite Control Space Policy, and Law.
  • Dr. Mohamed has Ph.D., Master and Bachelor degrees in Instrumentation, Control & Communications Engineering and attained his international license in Spacecraft Control Engineering from Matra Marconi Space (Toulouse Plant) in France.
    Spacecraft system engineering and operations, with emphasis on AOCS, and Mission Analysis.
    Sub-system expertise: AOCS, Payload, Navigation, Orbit Control, Orbit Determination, Ground Station Control Chains, TTACK, VSAT, Link budget evaluation.


  • Full familiarity & experience with all the phases of spacecraft.
  • Experience with both communications & space science mission.
  • Extensive experience over a number of years with Astrium 2000 communications spacecraft. Worked on NILESAT 101.102, and 201 for more than 16 years.
  • Experience with geostationary, low earth orbit.
  • Currently Director & space engineering with NILESAT.
  • Strong analytical & problem-solving skills & an effective communicator at all levels.
  • Good customer/contractor liaison skills & use to working to tight schedules & under pressure.
  • Line management, project management and risk assessment experience.
  • Preparing proposals and conducting tender evaluations.
  • Project management, including contract negotiations, planning, and budgeting.
  • Preparing and giving courses in spacecraft engineering, project management, and cross-cultural awareness.
  • Ability to interact effectively with external organizations in an international environment.