Mohamed AbdelFattah

Cybersecurity consultant GM, ABSEGA.

Critical Infrastructure Security & Compliance

Session Title | National Security & its relation to Information Security.

Nowadays National security depends on science and technology. Protecting Egyptian / Arab national security and promoting the prosperity of the people are the top priorities. Ensuring the security of cyberspace is fundamental to both endeavors. Cyberspace is an integral component of all facets of people lifes, including our economy and defense.

IOT Security

Session Title | IoT security architecture, risk & threat defense.

The Internet of Things is altering our society. We’ll see innovations in medical care, manufacturing, and utility services, among other advances. But for the IoT to truly fulfill its promise, it must be secured. the methodology of IoT Threat Defense blends the security architecture and services to help you defend your IoT devices and keep your business running.

This workshop aims to bring together researchers from academia, government, and industry to discuss the challenge and solutions regarding practical and theoretical aspects of IoT security architecture, risk & threat defense.

Since the graduation year 2000 with a Bachelor degree in Information Systems, Dr. Mohamed Abdelfattah has been in the IT Industry for more than 18 years worked exclusively with many Healthcare / Systems integrators & Providers in Egypt and abroad whose missions are to improve the lives of patients and people through improved facilities, services, equipment and education.

To accomplish this, Dr. Mohamed was part of the steering and implementation group of many healthcare facilities and solutions, His responsibilities heavily utilize Information communication technology for development in healthcare systems HIS, Information Systems, Strategic management, Business Analysis, Networking and Security, He has been acquired as IT consultant and security-focused consultant for the projects he worked on.

In addition, Dr. Mohamed has been doing a freelancer NetworkNetwork SecurityInformation Security and Cybersecurity consulting and training work for Several IT Firms in Egypt and Arab countries including Internet Service Providers (ISP), as well as Technical writer at Al-Ahram magazine for computer (Loghat Alasr) for 3 years.