Ibrahim Faisal

Senior Security & Solutions Consultant at IP Protocol INC

Blockchain Technology

Session Title | Collaborative Malware Analysis

Collaborative malware detection in swarm behavior between android devices using blockchain. Android devices can take part in static and dynamic analysis and share finding with the blockchain network to enhance detection.

He has gained extensive experience handling various security threats. As a cyber-security researcher who graduated with a master’s degree in information security from Nile University while working simultaneously in the industry, He has acquired both theoretical and practical knowledge of major security topics, especially in the fields of detection, response, incident handling, and forensics.

Having been part of IP Protocol Inc., He has worked on several sensitive penetration testing projects in the banking sector as well as Internet Service Providers and infrastructural internet services. This role helped me acquire knowledge in the fields of Web App Penetration Testing, Malware Analysis, Digital Forensics, Network Security, Information Security Governance and Incident Response.