Emadeldin Helmy

Cyber Security Resilience Exec Director, NTRA.

Cyber Resilience

Session Title | Building Resilient Financial Inclusion

Nowadays GDP depends mainly on digital economy which defined as the rate at which you are processing payments, logins and new account openings – the life of any digital business. Each of these transactions must be trust decision that business must make. Digital Identity must provide a unique way to distinguish between trusted users from potential threats. The excitement and trust must be paired with complete confidence that the people with whom you do business are indeed who they claim to be. Success of Financial Inclusion toward building the digital economy comes down to identity and trust. Accurate identity which requires the ability to defend against increasingly sophisticated cybercrimes and cyberattacks that leverage stolen identity information compromised through countless corporate data breaches in recent years. Applying the Egyptian cybercrime law, roles and responsibilities of different Fintech players is the key. What are the challenges, roles, limits, borderless,….. threats and mitigations?