Eng. Ahmed Saafan

Chief Security Engineer at CyShield

  • Saafan is the Chief Security Engineer at CyShield, leading cybersecurity solutions, and services companies focused on the Egyptian market. He is specialized in secure software development lifecycle management, rugged DevOps, advanced penetration testing and data protection. With diverse security, programming and infrastructure background, and experience from consulting, banking and startup sectors, he has helped companies grow security teams from scratch, and led numerous projects across the full spectrum of information security on both the customer and vendor sides. As part of Saafan's contribution to the security community, he is an active speaker in conferences and developer of open source projects such as CSurfer Burp Suite extension for bypassing CSRF protections, Facebook Pwn (FBPwn) research project focused on exposing social networks' insecurities, and the browser exploitation framework (BeEF) aimed at exposing modern browsers' threats with many published articles and presentations. Saafan holds multiple cybersecurity certifications in the fields of secure software development, web application security, mobile device security, penetration testing, exploit writing, reverse engineering, malware analysis, and security management.