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Arab Security Conference Webinars are important and necessary for the industry and for each of us, individually, because they help bring together the community. What’s more, innovation often spurs after having a meaningful discussion with a peer or a mentor, or after being part of a conversation on your favorite topic in the field of information security.

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ASC Webinar 1: National Cyber Security Programs

Sat, April 25, 2020 | 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM EET


We will discuss why Egypt needs its own cyber security strategy and what should this strategy entails to support the digital and knowledge based economy. We shall also discuss examples of neighboring countries strategies and how those initiatives created jobs and supported the local industries and economies. We will also be answering the popular question of local vs. International standards in cyber security.

Omar Sherin

EY Advisory Partner for MENA Region

ASC Webinar 2: Cybersecurity from Zero to Hero

Sat, May 9, 2020 | 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM EET


  • Introduction to Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity Paths
  • Cybersecurity Skills
  • Cybersecurity Certificates
  • Cybersecurity Resources
  • Q&A

Mohammad Khreesha

Cybersecurity Consultant & OWASP Amman Chapter Leader, Jordan

ASC Webinar 3: CTFs and Bug Bounty Hunting and Their Relation To Professional Work

Sat, May 16, 2020 | 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM EET


The webinar speaks about CTFs and their types. Bug bounty and the different platforms. The relationship between CTFs, bug bounty and real-life work and how they can be advantages or disadvantages.

Ibrahim Mosaad

Security engineer at Facebook, UK

ASC Webinar 4: 1984 Tech Advances or Spies

Sat, May 23, 2020 | 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM EET


Since the birth of the internet our life has been simplified by the technology produced, or has it? George Orwell predicted a much different society than what anyone could foresee. How far away from 1984 are we?

Mike Jones

Security Researcher, USA

ASC Webinar 5: How to build an effective Cybersecurity Awareness program?

Sat, June 6, 2020 | 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM EET


No matter what processes and technologies an organization puts in place, the human factor is almost always the main deciding factor when it comes to the success of the organization's cybersecurity program.
  1. Why do we need a Security Awareness program?
  2. What's the difference between Security awareness and Training?
  3. Security Awareness framework Stages.
    • Assess Awareness Needs.
    • Planning, Design the Awareness Program.
    • Launching the Program.
    • Measure and evaluate.
    • Increase the effectiveness
  4. Open discussion.

Ahmed Abdelhamid

Cybersecurity Advisor - STC Solutions

ASC Webinar 6: Digital identity and e-KYC

Sat, June 27, 2020 | 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EET


Digital Identity is a “compilation of electronically captured and stored attributes of uniquely identifiable persona that can be linked to a physical person”.
It is estimated that approximately one billion people globally do not have access to an officially recognizable identity and most of these people reside in developing economies.
We’ll discuss:
  1. The role and need for Digital ID.
    • Technological requirements, levels of assurance, benefits and risks of Digital ID.
  2. Benefits of utilizing KYC utilities for conducting CDD.
  3. Evaluation of Digital ID in India, Estonia, and Nigeria.
  4. Developments surrounding Digital ID & e-KYC among Arab Countries.

Ahmed Mansour

Fintech & Blockchain Expert, Chief Information officer

About The Speaker

Omar Sherin is a Cyber Security Director at EY MENA, holding a BSc. in Computer Engineering and with 16 years of cyber security experience specialized in ICS security and in Critical infrastructure protection. Omar is an international member of the ICSJWG created by the US-DHS, and also leads a National Critical Infrastructure Information Protection program, conducting ICS assessments and handling national level incidents. Omar also developed a National ICS Security standard for a GCC country, the first document of its kind in the middle east. Omar is a certified GICSP, CBCP, GRISC, CERT-IH, EC-Council ICS board member, and a SANS Institute ICS mentor.

About The Speaker

With 21 years of solid experience in the field of IT & Payment Systems.
Former Head of Digital Channels & Integration ,
Blockchain Expert at the Central Bank Of Egypt.

Fintech & Blockchain Speaker ,Mentor & Trainer providing top quality “Fintech” training for Bankers and Financial sector members.

Among his professional milestones; Head of Digital Channels Regulations & Integration Department, PM for the RTGS, ACH, CCH, ATM systems, Administration, Design and implementation of Integration Layer of Central Bank of Egypt, Digital Financial Services, Blockchain Expert at the Central Bank of Egypt.

Head of the Financial Sector Blockchain Taskforce, Member of the FinTech task force group, Cryptocurrency Taskforce, Digital Fiat Currency Taskforce, National FinTech Strategy Taskforce.

His professional trainings and accreditations are Certified from Hong Kong University for Fintech & Blockchain, Certified Blockchain Expert, MBA in Financial Management, Project Management, TOGAF, ITIL, Leadership & Decision Making (Frankfurt School Of Finance & Management), System Admin, System Solution Design, Future Leaders Program (FLP Alumni of 2016).

Ahmed is a professional trainer and instructor at the AUC, Egyptian Universities, Egyptian Banking Institute, IBM, Global Knowledge , Jupiter, Education.

He works as an FinTech, Blockchain, Service Integration & Digital Transformation consultant.

About The Speaker

More than 17 years of extensive experience in managing global and regional information security programs, to ensure compliance with complex legal and regulatory requirements, industry standards, and best practices. Lead and coach business and technical teams, fostering a culture of security and eliminating a range of internal and external threats. Steer changes to policies, tools, and procedures to mitigate emerging threats, close security gaps, and prevent recurrences of security violations. Advise senior management and key stakeholders on potential security impacts and requirements related to business decisions.

Core Competencies:

• Information Security Governance Frameworks
• Cyber Security Risk Management/ Mitigation
• Incident Management & Forensics Investigations
• Regulatory & Standards (ISO) Compliance in GCC
• Internal Security Audit
• Security Controls Implementation & Testing
• Cyber/ Information Security Policies & Procedures
• Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning
• Security Requirements Creation & Baselining
• Identity & Access Management (IAM)
• Vulnerability Scans & Penetration Tests

Beside my Bachelor's degree in computer science, I had a Master of Business administration from Georgia State University.

I am a certified trainer from EC-Council and CompTIA, teaching courses to clients worldwide along with developing course material. These courses include CISSP, CISA, CISM, CDPSE, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 LA, CEHv10, CEI, CHFI ,eJPT, eCPPT gold, Fortinet NSE 1,2,4, CompTIA Security+

About The Speaker

Mohammad Khreesha, a Cybersecurity Professional, Youtuber, blogger, and public speaker from Jordan with +13 years of experience in IT especially in Security. Works in Cloudview Limited as Cybersecurity Officer and consultant. He is the OWASP Amman Chapter Leader and an active member at DC962 (the official Defcon group in Jordan). The co-founder of technawi blog, an founder of JISCTF which is the first CTF in Jordan with more 150+ yearly participants. His research interests in digital forensics, malware Analysis, web & network security, and their integration with AI. He has a YouTube channel in which he publishes training courses and tips in Cybersecurity field to feed the Arabic content on the internet.

About The Speaker

Mike Jones (sting3r) has a background in cryptology. He has performed numerous penetration tests for various industries such as the Department of Defense, major financial institutions, casinos, telecoms, and various others. Mike has developed exploit techniques both network and app-based as well as physical. The experience Mike has had has been on both sides of security, being a long-term member of various hacking groups both low level to the point of APT nation-state. His experience was refocused to helping industries protect themselves. The key to a good defense is to know who you're defending against.

About The Speaker

  • I am a security engineer working in the product security team at Facebook. Our responsibility is to enable software engineers to move fast and securely. We try to make it very easy for software engineers to write secure code and difficult to introduce any security bugs. We are responsible for the security of Facebook products which spans across Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Oculus.

  • I have been interested in security since I was 13 years old. My journey started when I did not know what the word "hacking" means. Looking up for the definition was my entry point to security. Since then, I started to read more about security and dived into the field. I decided to study computer engineering and followed it up with MSc in information security.

  • Before Facebook, I used to work as a penetration tester/security consultant. As a penetration tester, I tried to find security issues from a black-box perspective. In the product security team, we almost do the same but from a white-box perspective. My main focus at Facebook is to improve our static analysis efforts to automatically detect most of the security issues.