Arab CISO Rising Stars Award 2021

The rising stars award recognize those early-career individuals who are doing amazing work today and who will likely to be filling the seniors' slots tomorrow.


Winners and Jury members will be honored at the awards ceremony that will be held on the last day of Arab Security
Conference - HYBRID EDITION (7th of September 2021).


We are so proud and excited to share with you the Winners of Arab CISO Rising Stars Award 2021.

- Fatimah Aljulaih -
- Meshal Alotaibi -
- Mohamed Sadat -
- Mohamed Noseir -
- Sherif El-Gendy -

A big thank you to the Jury members for their help and effort throughout the whole process.

- Adel Abdel Moneim -
- Rouda AlAmir Ali -
- Shatssy Hassan -

Winners and Jury members will be honored at the awards ceremony that will be held on the last day of Arab Security
Conference - HYBRID EDITION (7th of September 2021).

The Jury

Adel Abdel Moneim

Cyber Security Expert ITU - Arab Regional Cyber Security Center

Rouda Al-Amir Ali

Programme Officer at International Telecommunication Union.

Shatssy Hassan

Chief Security Officer at Commercial International Bank - CIB

Registration is closed , see you soon. Stay tuned !

  • Individual must be younger than 40 years old

  • Individual must have been performing a leadership role (Fulltime) in security domain for an organization as a CISO/ CSO/ VP/ Director/ Security head or equivalent.

  • Individual should be from public/private sector in the Middle East region.

  • Individual must be one executive who has contributed to the information security industry, shown tremendous professional growth and achievement and has promoted strong and innovative security practices.

This award is for Arab applicants only (Arab region)

  • Applications are free-of-charge and must be submitted before Monday 9th of August 2021.

  • Submissions will only be accepted in the form of the official online application form. In the case of duplicate application forms, the candidate may be excluded from the final selection process, the same will apply to incomplete application forms.

  • Candidates are liable for obtaining necessary permissions to share their project achievements and knowledge and represent being entitled to share all information provided to the Jury.

  • Candidates are allowed to use and print the application’s information and related communications for evaluation and editorial purposes. Therefore, information that organizations or individuals do not want to make public should be clearly marked as private and confidential.

  • Candidates agree to allow Jury members to verify the information included in the application form directly and independently (including with referees and work supervisors).

  • Candidates must be present (or be represented) during the award ceremony to share their approach and agree to the use of their name and image for advertising and editorial purposes.

  • The finalists of the CISO Rising Stars Award undertakes to share or display this information on/through his/her own media channels.

  • Candidates may be filmed during the event and pictures will be taken and published.

  • Jury members and the event organizer may process candidates’ data as necessary to organize and publicize this event. Data may be shared with sponsors and media channels. Candidates have the right to access and rectify their data by contacting the organizer.

  • No conflict of interest will be tolerated and no bribery attempt is possible.

  • The jury is composed of independent and impartial members, each of them being expert in security and bringing their extensive knowledge and experience to the selection process.

  • The jury will evaluate the candidates according to specific criteria and will value case studies more than commercial speeches.

Finalists will be announced on the 29th of August 2021

The awards ceremony will be held on the last day of the conference 7th of September 2021

Hossam Elgamal has more than 25 years of professional experience in ICT both in private and public sectors. After founding and managing several successful IT companies he was asked to bring his expertise into public policy management being selected in 2013 and till Feb 2017 by the UN Secretary-General to become one of 9 Global Business Representatives among the 55 MAG members advising on The Internet Governance Forum He has been a board member of AFICTA, since 2014 and till to-date contributing in making synergy between African nations ICT industries, and connecting with International ICT industry cloud and governing policies.

He was selected by the Egyptian Prime Minister in Dec 2015 and till May 2018 to chair the Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center IDSC ( with the purpose of supporting the Egyptian Cabinet with required information gathering, analysis and decision support recommendations with focus on inclusive Development mapping, citizen quality service and satisfaction, crisis management, early warning, monitoring and improvement, digital transformation, and creating societal credible link.
Finally, he was selected as an expert by the higher council for Egypt Digital Transformation to become a member of its advisory committee starting Jan 2018.

Hossam was the Vice-Chairman of Eitesal Association till May 2015 (the leading ICT Association) heading its executive office, advocating & boosting the industry business development, technical & entrepreneurship capabilities.

He was a member of the National Child Internet Safety Committee, contributing to better legislation, awareness, training and technology implementation.

Hossam is focused currently on achieving prosperity by capitalizing on technology transfer and localized creative projects serving 2030 SDGs. Within the private sector, he is continuing as a Leader and a serial entrepreneur and is currently a partner in Infort Egypt (previously its Managing Director) and partner in Telemed international

Mrs. Shatssy Hassan; the Chief Security Officer assumed her role in December 2014. She joined CIB as Head of Business Continuity in 2010, after which she assumed multiple roles including COO Business Support, until further appointed in her current role as CSO.

In her capacity, Mrs. Hassan is responsible to manage and oversee a number of functions including the Information Security Management, Security Operations Center, IT Security as well as Business Continuity Management. Mrs. Hassan has been leading the transformational roadmap of CIB’s Security since 2014 which has had significant value addition to the overall enhancement of the Security Posture of the bank including but not limited to establishing the Security Operations Center and transformation of the existing security infrastructure technologies. She has contributed into building the Business Continuity capabilities of the bank where CIB has been awarded twice from reputable Business Continuity global institutes such as DRII and BCI for effective response & recovery as well as team of the year awards.

Prior to joining CIB, Mrs. Hassan held the position of Business Information Security Officer in Citibank Egypt. Mrs. Hassan is a graduate of Cairo University – Faculty of Engineering since 2003, she has attended several leadership programs in top business schools including INSEAD and IMD and is also an alumni member in IMD.