Mohamed Fathy

Chief Information Officer at EFG-Hermes SAE, Egypt

Digital Economy

Session Title | How Digital Maturity affects Financial Institution's performance?

Digital Transformation becomes a buzzword now in today’s business world,
The aim of this paper is to provide insights regarding the digital transformation best practices, and to remove a lot of uncertainty that accompanies the concept. what are the differences between Digital maturity and Digital transformation, the role of effective leadership, the IT dynamic capability, and the cybersecurity effect on the digital maturity of the private financial institution? transformation, and how both are affecting the performance of the private financial organizations and to propose avenues for future research. The results show that digital maturity enhances the performance of private financial institutions by building dynamic capabilities that enable them to adapt quickly to the fast-changing environment, also shows that adopting the cybersecurity strategy at the earliest stage of the digital transformation is positive affects the digital maturity of the organization, it shows as well that leadership has a direct effect on the digital maturity itself.

Mohamed Sayed Fathy is the CIO of EFG Hermes and possesses 18 years of experience in the areas of applications design, enterprise and cloud-based architecture, infrastructure management, information security, software development, project management, business continuity, and supply chain management. He is a business-driven, forward thinker who utilizes technology and digital transformation to open new business opportunities and optimize operating expenses. He is a highly accomplished senior technology leader with extensive experience in managing and developing strategic, business-aligned technology and services. He thrives on working in collaborative environments to deliver value through technology and has a proven track record of successfully designing and developing cost-effective enterprise-wide IT systems and solutions.